Danepak Bacon Better Bacon


We’re Danepak and we’re serious about bringing the great taste of Danish bacon to the UK.

Why Danepak? Bacon is just bacon, isn’t it? Well, maybe, if you’ve never gone Danish before. Like our Viking ancestors, we don’t stand still. We’re committed to bringing you the best bacon – the best quality, the best for your health, the best variety – and of course, the best tasting.

30% Less Salt
We use a groundbreaking curing process which features the pioneering use of Iposol, an innovative sea salt solution developed by Iposol GMBH. Putting less salt in our bacon means we’re putting less salt in you, and the best bit? We haven’t compromised on taste at all.

20% Less Fat
We bring you bacon with 20% less fat. We tirelessly reinvent and push the boundaries of advanced charcuterie, and have pioneered a groundbreaking technique for the reduction of fat in our meat – we cut the rind off the bacon. Innovation at its best, straight from Danepak.

Reclosable Packaging
Sometimes, we like to save our bacon for later. That’s why most of our products come with reclosable packaging. Just take what you need, then simply reseal the pack – ready for you to enjoy later.

Fast Bacon
Our Rapid Rashers are seriously the fastest bacon we’ve ever seen. Maybe you’re panicking about how to overcome your insatiable hunger pangs. Next thing you know, you’re eating a bacon sandwich. Just add a microwave, and you’ve got bacon perfection in 90 seconds.

Read about Our Values to find out how serious we are about our bacon.