Our Values

Taking bacon seriously means being honest and frank about what we expect from ourselves. We follow a strict code of practice outlined in the Pig Industry Quality Manual. This code of practice is followed by all our member farms. It has higher standards for our pigs than the minimum requirements set by the EU, which ensures Danish bacon retains its reputation for high quality throughout the world.

Meat Quality

  • Traceability – We know exactly which farm each pig has come from, right down to the rasher
  • Stress management – Caring for our pigs well keeps them happy, reducing stress hormones in our bacon and keeping the meat tender
  • Responsible breeding – We keep detailed breeding records on all of our livestock, making sure we only breed healthy animals

Food Safety

  • All our abattoirs are accredited by the Global Red Meat Standard, the authority on red meat sanitation
  • Denmark was the first country to introduce a National Salmonella Control Programme, now used as a model for other countries to follow
  • The use of antibiotics in Danish pig farming is among the lowest in the world

Ethics and Welfare

  • Denmark invests over €3 million in welfare each year
  • We’re world-leaders in the research and development of welfare practices within indoor production systems
  • Denmark hosts pig farming ethics and welfare events such as the International Pig Welfare Conference and the Danish Pig Welfare Summit